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The Revolutionary ES Technology


      The Revolutionary ES Technology

      The Gleason ES Technology allows the operator to change the part helix angle by simply entering the required values in the dialog program. The software calculates all the necessary machine settings automatically!

      Quick Setup and Adjustment

      The difficult and lengthy process of changing mechanical helical guides is eliminated. Waiting for new guides is a thing of the past, inventory costs are avoided.

      Compensate for Heat Treat Distortions

      The typical wind/unwind of the helix resulting in a lead error, can easily be addressed by adding a compensation value in the part program.

      Keep It Flexible

      ES Technology may be used to cut helix angles above 45 degrees and extremely small leads of external and internal gears. It is also an ideal solution for small batch sizes and prototyping tasks.

      Manufacture Multiple Gears Easily

      Using tandem tools, gears with different helix angles/directions or different external and internal gears on one workpiece can be produced in just one setup.

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