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100S – The Sprinter for Gears with Short Face Widths up to 100 mm

      100S – The Sprinter for Gears with Short Face Widths up to 100 mm

      The 100S Gear Shaping Machine is ideally suited for small face widths, for shaping spur and helical gears, internal and external, and for crowned and tapered gears. With only 6 m2 the 100S is one of the most compact machines of its class. 


      Workpiece diameter, max. 100 mm
      Module, max.3 mm
      Stroke length, max. 
      30 mm 
      Strokes per minute 3000

      3000 Strokes per Minute

      Achieve uncompromising productivity with a proven 3000 strokes per minute.

      Chip-to-Chip Less than 6 Seconds

      Reduce cycle times with the integrated loading system that allows workpiece change times under 3 seconds.

      “The Most Productive Machine We Have Ever Bought!”

      Job Shopper, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

      Say Goodbye to Vibrations

      The compact and very robust design, in combination with its twin-bearing crankshaft, guarantees a statically and dynamically rigid machine. Important when you deal with extremely fast movements.

      Your Choice of Wet or Dry

      The 100S is built as a dry machine but can easily be converted to suit wet machining.

      Automatic Stroke Positioning

      Optional automatic adjustment of stroke position after cutter resharpening makes production life easy.

      Fast Cutter Change for Highest Productivity

      Quick-change adapters HSK63 make cutter changes most convenient and ensure high repeatability and maximum productivity.

      High Speed Demands Automated Solutions

      With its incredible productivity in production the 100S literally demands for speedy supply of parts. We have a solution which ideally complements the 100S while maintaining a compact footprint. 

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