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160CPS – Getting It Right The First Time

      160CPS – Getting It Right The First Time

      Preset shaper cutters and Power Skiving cutters on the 160CPS Cutter Presetting Device to get it right the first time.


      Measurable outside diameter340 mm
      Cutter weight, max.50 kg

      Reduced Scrap

      Achieve the desired tolerances in size-over-balls or tooth thickness already on the first workpiece, and reduce scrap and cost.

      Additional Functions

      Optionally, test run-out, inspect the cutter outside diameter, and check tool wear.

      Corrections in No Time

      Directly transfer measured data to the shaping or Power Skiving machine via USB, RFID or network. The Closed Loop for Power Skiving is ideally suited for automated production.

      Record Productivity

      Manage cutters and cutter holders, record tool life, and monitor cutter condition and sharpenings.

      Data Matrix Reader

      Automatically read cutter data into the tooling database to monitor cutters and recall cutter data at any given time. 

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