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200SVP – The New Benchmark in Economic Shaving

      200SVP – The New Benchmark in Economic Shaving

      The 200SVP Gear Plunge Shaving Machine focuses on medium and high-volume gear production with minimal investment. It is backed by decades of Gleason’s shaving expertise and process technology.


      Workpiece diameter, max
      200 mm
      Module plunge shaving, max.
      3 mm
      Workpiece length, max.
      400 mm


      Well-Proven Shaving Head and Tailstock Design

      The 200SVP can be manually loaded by gravity rail or automated by a gantry loader and pallet ring conveyor for higher volumes. Easily interlinked with a Gleason Genesis® hobbing machine, it becomes a productivity superstar.

      Compact and Simple

      Very compact with a footprint of less than 6 m2 the 200SVP does not take much space and is easily transferred if need arises.

      Make a Change – Fast and Easy

      Convenient access to the workarea and various clamping solutions, like plug-type arbors or expanding clamping fixtures, guarantee fast changeover and simple retooling of the machine.

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