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GBX – High Precision Stick Blade Inspection

      GBX – High Precision Stick Blade Inspection

      For high accuracy checking of new blade geometries, blade development and limited volumes. GBX serves all Gleason and non-Gleason stick blades.


      Linear axis resolution0.1 μm


      Highly Versatile

      Inspects, measures and calculates pressure and clearance angle, side rake and front hook angle, blade distance, front face distance and much more.

      User Friendly

      Interfaces with Gleason Automated Blade Evaluation (GABE) software and networks with Gleason Blade Profile Grinder (BPG) to generate corrective settings faster and more accurately.

      Quick, accurate and repeatable measurement.

      Corrections in No Time

      Network with Gleason Blade Grinding Machines to perform closed loop corrections.

      Fast and Simple Operation

      Provides graphical representation of blade profiles with datum off capability, ensuring repeatability and reducing operator influence.

      Maximum Productivity

      Maximize the productivity and tool life of your Bevel Gear and Power Skiving Cutter Systems with more effective blade sharpening and inspection. Fast and accurate bevel stick blade inspection, based on Gleason CMM platform.

      No Limits

      GBX – Stick Blade Inspection for all types and shapes of Gleason and Non-Gleason stick blades.

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