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P60 – Compact Solution for Gears, Shafts and Worms

      P60 – Compact Solution for Gears, Shafts and Worms

      The P60 is the smallest machine in Gleason’s range of horizontal hobbing machines. The P60 cuts geared workpieces with any profile which can be produced by hobbing or profile milling processes. This machine is also the perfect solution for machining steering pinions and worms.


      Workpiece diameter, max.
      80/120* mm
      Module, max.
      2.5 mm
      Axial slide travel, max. 
      320/400* mm 
      * Option 

      Versatile Solutions for Gears, Pinion Shafts, Worms and Worm Gears

      Hard Finishing of Gears and Steering Pinions by Skive Hobbing

      Ideally Suited for Screw-Type Workpieces like Steering Worms

      The horizontal design and universal hob/milling head makes the P60 your ideal solution for the manufacturing of screw-type workpieces. 

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