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P90G  – The Universal Solution for Smaller Gears

      P90G  – The Universal Solution for Smaller Gears

      The P90G was developed for the highly flexible prototyping and job shopping of smaller gears and features three grinding methods in one machine: Threaded wheel grinding with single plated CBN, dressable profile grinding as well as single index generation grinding.


      Workpiece diameter, max. 125 mm
      Module, max.3 mm
      Axial travel, max.220 mm 


      Master of All Trades for Smaller Gears

      The horizontal design of the P90G lends itself perfectly to a wide array of workpieces – from small pinions to gears and shafts.

      Serving a Wide Array of Applications 

      It addresses the needs of various industries, like automotive prototyping, job shops and aerospace applications.

      Highly Flexible Production

      The P90G is ideally suited to support prototyping and small lot production, especially if complicated part geometries must be ground.

      Medium and High Volumes

      If higher volumes must be ground, just switch to the generating grinding method with CBN tools. If required, 2 grinding worms can be mounted for roughing and finishing. 


      With the indexing generating method, it can grind prototypes and produce small lot sizes.

      Grinding from the Solid Blank

      By combining tools on one arbor, roughing and finishing can be executed in one setup, which includes grinding gears from the solid blank.

      Automated Production

      The P90G can be equipped with a simple and robust standard automation for worry-free, unattended production.

      Gear Grinding in Action – Watch Now!

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