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Phoenix 280C & 280CX – Cutting of Automotive and Small Truck Sized Bevel Gears

      Phoenix 280C & 280CX – Cutting of Automotive and Small Truck Sized Bevel Gears

      The Phoenix® Bevel Gear Cutting Machines are the most productive in their class with cutting cycle times significantly reduced. The 280CX is a highly automated solution for automotive and other gear manufacturers seeking efficient high volume production. The 280C offers jobbers the same performance benefits but in a simpler package without integrated automation. 


      Workpiece diameter, max.280 mm
      Range of tooth numbers 1-300
      Cutter diameter (FM), max.9″
      Cutter radius (FH), max.105 mm

      Maximum Stiffness, Minimal Vibrations

      The 280C/CX Series features a special monolithic column design for maximum stiffness and minimal vibration during machining.

      Reliable by Design

      The Phoenix Series are built for maximum reliability including simplified guarding and excellent chip containment. The clean and simple design results in easier access and less overall maintenance. 

      First Part Checking

      Operators like the integrated first part measuring cycle with its automated correction feature for easy and fast setup until the first part is cut to perfection.

      Parallel AutoPath Chamfering

      The CX version is equipped with a second tool spindle which allows parallel chamfering via the AutoPath Chamfering process while the next workpiece is being cut.

      Integrated Automation 

      The integrated automation of the 280CX in combination with parallel chamfering guarantees a significant cycle time reduction. 

      User-Friendly Controls

      The Gleason HMI greatly empowers even less experienced operators to create programs and operate the machine more productively. The Phoenix Series machines are available with Fanuc 30i or Siemens 840D sl controls. 

      Built-In Intelligence

      Embedded condition monitoring alerts you of potential future issues. Problems are resolved before they happen.


      Capable of both face hobbing and face milling; plus cutting of straight bevel gears, face gears, face clutches, power skiving and unimillTM

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