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P800G to P6000G – Flexible for Profile Grinding of Large Gears

      P800G to P6000G – Flexible for Profile Grinding of Large Gears 

      The Large Profile Grinding Machines of the P Series are destined for applications which demand flexible production of high quality workpieces.


      Workpiece diameter, max. 6,000 mm
      Profile depth, max.120 mm
      Axial travel, max.2,200 mm 


      Wide Range of Applications 

      The large P Series features profile grinding of external and internal gears as well as grinding of gears with special geometries employing small wheel diameters. 

      Flexible and Dedicated Production of Both, External and Internal Gears

      Adaptable to any application, the large P Series features different grinding heads for external gears for variuos wheel diameters as well as different internal grinding head for differnt grinding wheel dimensions.

      On-Board Gear Inspection

      The large P Series features integrated on-board inspection of internal and external gears. Data can be processed according to all common industry standards.

      Clever Infeed Strategies

      Standard and special infeed strategies improve process reliability with up to 30% in productivity gains.

      Controlling Gear Twist 

      The patented Twist Controlled Grinding Process ensures that topological modifications can be executed without impacting cycle time.

      Automation Solutions

      On request, machines up to 1,200 mm are available with automation solutions like ring and gantry loaders.

      Reduction of Setup Time with Wobble Compensation

      The smart system captures and compensates runout and wobble of gears with imperfect alignment, resulting in a significant reduction of setup time, without sacrificing quality.

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