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Titan Series – Grinding Machines for Large Gears

      Titan Series – The Surface Master for Large Gears

      The Titan® Series of large Profile Grinding Machines combines maximum productivity with extremely accurate surface qualities. The fully automatic tool changer paves the path for new gear grinding strategies. The Titan Series is available in three model sizes: 1200G, 1600G, 2000G


      Workpiece diameter, max. 2,000 mm
      Profile depth, max.120 mm
      Axial travel, max.1,600 mm 


      Integrated Tool Changer

      The fully automatic tool changer raises productivity at the highest quality level while maintaining process reliability through the complete manufacturing process.

      Excellent Surface Qualities

      The possibility of utilizing specific grinding wheels for roughing and finishing operations in combination with the appropriate finishing strategy results in gears with unique surface qualities.

      Multi-Disc Grinding 

      The proven Opti-GrindTM Multi-Disc Grinding Method ensures optimum grinding conditions, especially suited for gears with a lower number of teeth.


      Reduction of Setup Time with Wobble Compensation

      The smart system captures and compensates runout and wobble of gears with imperfect alignment, resulting in a significant reduction of setup time, without sacrificing quality.

      Clever Infeed Strategies

      Standard and special infeed strategies improve process reliability with up to 30% in productivity gains.

      Controlling Gear Twist 

      The patented Twist Controlled Grinding Process ensures that topological modifications can be executed without impacting cycle time.

      Completing Different Gears in One Clamping

      No matter which grinding strategy is used, the Titan Series makes it easy to grind workpieces with different gears in one clamping.

      For Job Shoppers and Mass Production Environments

      The Titan Series adapts to the specific task, whether it is the optimum finish of single workpieces or the serial manufacturing of large quantities of high-quality gears.

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